Wild Flora

Wild Flora

This ‘Polyfloral’ honey is truly wild. This is nectar collected by bees, when they’re pollinating wildflowers in the wilderness. Usually, the nectar always comes from a number of different species of flowers. As the region has an abundance of several naturally wild flowering shrubs and plants, the honey will have a compounded flavour and aroma.

The simplest way to describe Wild Flora honey, is through its unique taste and after taste. It usually has several notes that gives you an exuberant aftereffect. The colour of the honey is ‘mysterious’ with a tanned look. The 3 notes you will find minimally include fruity, sweet and a tinge of tangy. In some seasons the there are a couple of more notes that tingle your palate.

The taste took me back to my hometown where i remember savoring a local bee hive collected honey. The aroma, the taste, - actually lingering taste, took me down memory lane. I now understand why Raw is essential in honey eating! Nutrition, taste, aroma .. et al
- Saurabh Tripathi
(Mumbai, MH, IN)

The WildFlora honey, may give you the feeling of salivation, prep and satisfaction. (as reviewed by 100s of tasters).

About Wild Flora Honey

  • Floral Source : Polyflora
  • Pollen : Multi-flora
  • Harvest Season : Early-Summer
  • Unheated : Yes
  • Free of Pesticides : Yes
  • Free of Antibiotics : Yes
  • Taste : Sweet N Sour
  • Colour : Light Brown
  • Location : South Mid-West India
  • Recommended Usage : Sweetener in Juices & drinks.
  • Suggested for : Cough, Cold, insomnia, throat issues.
  • Dosage (medicinal use): 1-2 tsp/day.
  • * Not to be fed to infants less than 13 months.*
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