Floral Honey
Raw & Natural as the bees make it.
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Praviam Farmstyle Floral Honey


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Flowers and Bees form a unique friends-with-benefits relationship. The honey collected in the hive is usually a mix of variety of flowers from season to season. When a bee-keeper harvests honey at the right time of the flowering season, Single-varietal honey is collected. These single-flower type honey have distinct differences and unique features. Everything from the color, viscosity, types of sugars present, crystallization rate, and flavor can change with the nectar source. These differences or features become more pronounced as the purity of a single nectar source increases. Floral honey is usually a seasonal produce as the flowering seasons for plants/trees may be different. Floral Honey may be single-varietal or multi-varietal - depending on the type of bees and the harvesting time of the beekeeper.
  • Floral Honey straight 'as-is' from the hives.
  • Single flower or combination (seasonal).
  • Organoleptic characteristics : color, taste, flavor, aroma, after-taste, after-effect.
  • Just honey, no additives, no essences, nothing else added.
  • Unadulterated, no blending with other sweeteners or thinning with corn syrup or sugar.

We hope that you enjoy this unique representation of our floral-world and the incredible efforts of the noble honeybee.

Some variants of honey are available 'seasonally'. Every variant of honey is raw, hence stocks are limited.
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