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Praviam Farmstyle Raw Herbs

Humankind since ancient times has explored nature and found natural flora and herbs that healed almost every ailment that beset humans. The interlinking of Nature and longevity and well being human life is well documented in several scriptures, stores, legends.
With evolution of humankind, science has re-affirmed the inherent qualities of herbs, plants and other natural elements. The micro-nutrients that the herbs and plants not just enhance taste but also help combat several diseases.
Simply put, be it a bacteria or a virus, nature has a solution to contradict it.
Some herbs are best used 'fresh'. Several other herbs are beneficial as they age and mature.
Indian culinary recipes are all herb or spice centric. Some herbs just add colour, some add a dash of flavor, some offer medicinal value, some add shelf life to the cuisine.
We source, curate, procure, package, authenticate and market select 'herbs' that are not just nutritious but also potent in delivering the expected wellness outcome.
We work with Nutrition experts, physicians, medical practitioners (Ayurvedic), chefs as well as grand-mas' whose legendary sense of cuisine is unmistable in taste or flavor.

Herbs, Best as best can be!

Praviam Farmstyle Herbs Collection

Currently we are curating some herbs, We will soon update our collection here. (March 2022)