Power Litchi

Power Litchi Honey

This is mixed-blossom honey derived from several varieties of flowering plants, such as passionfruit, palm, berry, and many more. As verified by beekeepers tracking, These honey bees usually prefer lightly scented flowers and collect honey from gardens/orchards/farms in the vicinity. The honey is unique in its clarity and is rich in potent nutrients from fruits. This popular honey has a rich flavour and colour with fruity notes that change seasonally.

Like a bouquet of flowers, this mildly fruity aromatic honey brings the seasonal spring flavour with a dash of sweetness and leaves behind a pleasant aftertaste. This sure enhances your mood.

Yes. The taste very much blew my mind. This superfood is indeed full of zest and it gives every consumer the zest. Try it! surely you will love it! I loved the tangy twist in Wild Flora Honey. as much as i loved the sweetness in Indian Nectaraine. Thank you bees.
- Mrinalini Rahire
(Mumbai, MH, IN)

Yes, Natural Blossom may give you the feeling of alertness, pep and exuberance. (as reviewed by 100s of tasters).

About Natural Blossom Honey

  • Floral Source : Polyflora
  • Pollen : Multi-flora
  • Harvest Season : Early-Summer
  • Unheated : Yes
  • Free of Pesticides : Yes
  • Free of Antibiotics : Yes
  • Taste : Light Sweetness
  • Colour : Light Brown
  • Location : South Mid-West India
  • Recommended Usage : Sweetener in Juices & drinks.
  • Suggested for : Cough, Cold, insomnia, throat issues.
  • Dosage (medicinal use): 1-2 tsp/day.
  • * Not to be fed to infants less than 13 months.*
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