Daily Dose Box

DAILY DOSE PACK : one for each day of the month.

DESCRIPTION: This pack is designed to be a readily available solution for those that need to use exact quantity of honey in their daily life and never miss a dose. 31 mini bottles, (not 30) each one of these dose is filled with potent and natural honey making it a powerhouse of wellness, relief and holistic benefit for mind, body, and the skin too.

SUBSCRIPTION: You may subscribe to receive this pack on a monthly basis. There is a process to deliver new, and collect the case with empty bottles (as prepaid service). Variants may be requested for on monthly pre-order basis. Free gifts/bonus samples/priority preference and service for subscribers.

HOW TO USE: There are several ways you can use this.

  • Just suck, pour the honey right into your mouth and slowly savor the taste. With salivation gurgle it around and slowly ease it down the throat. As simple as that! 100% effective.
  • Squeeze 10ml fresh lemon juice into 100 ml of luke-warm water (not over 35°C). Add a dash of turmeric. Pour the dose of honey from the bottle, stir it all. Sip fresh lime turmeric water slowly.

I love these pre-portioned honey bottles, they are 'cute' and I dont miss my daily intake. I can carry it where I please during my trips. The perfect way to limit consumption for health not just for taste or aroma, nutrition, taste, aroma. et al
- Marzin M
(Mumbai, MH, IN)

For one person for one dose/per day.
Yes, Every drop of honey may give you the feeling of happiness, desire and excitement.

About Daily Dose 30 Pack

  • Honey Variant : May vary by season
  • Net Content : 31 (or more) bottles
  • Quality : Raw Organic Honey
  • Free of Pesticides : Yes
  • Free of Antibiotics : Yes
  • Bonus : Samples/Gifts/Tips
  • Packing : Wooden box
  • Gross Weight : 700g
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