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The Honey we select and source for you, is raw and plain-filtered, maintaining its full natural range of unique aroma, texture and flavor, and high in antioxidants and phyto-nutrients that makes it an invaluable, wholesome health food.
Unlike most mainstream, store-market honey brands - who blend huge batches of honey to create predictable, uniform texture, or flavour - we prefer to let each individual honey stand alone, because that his how natural honey is! As unique as the floral aroma, fruity flavor, herbal value of the geographic harvesting area.

'au naturelle'

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Heating (Pasteurizing) destroys honey’s beneficial ingredients and removes pollens that can be traced to the source. Our honey is stored such that it never gets warmer than hive temperature (~ 35°C). Thus we bring you the full potential of the honey, as meant to be in nature. So, we don’t heat (pasteurize) honey.
Our honey varieties celebrate diversity, opposed to a generic, blended consistency. We give you honey, that is just as natural as 'natural' can be. It is certified natural and organic - as certified by Nationally Accredited Testing Laboratories. Our selection of geographic makes the honey produced so lip-smacking. We don’t need to blend honey with anything. Did you know? Blended honey has a shorter shelf-life.
Every batch of honey is lab tested and can be sourced it to its point of origination. 100% Natural, 100% Organic, 100% Sustainable. Yes! As a policy, we do not sell infused honey.
To know more about Honey types, read our faqs.

Honey, as meant to the bee!

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Some variants of honey are available 'seasonally'. Every variant of honey is raw, hence stocks are limited.
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Praviam Farmstyle Honey Collection

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Praviam Farmstyle Honey FAQs

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Raw HoneyRaw Honey is nectar made and eaten as nutritious food by bees in the hive. The color, taste and even scent can vary widely depending on the source of the flower nectar, region, soil and climate. Warmer temperatures, storage and age also tend to darken the honey and change the flavor. Raw means

  • Honey straight 'as-is' from the hives.
  • Unpasteurized, unheated, unprocessed.
  • Lightly strained honey, simply filtered only to remove capping and wax particles.
  • Just honey, no additives, nothing else added.
  • Unadulterated, no blending with other sweeteners or thinning with corn syrup or sugar.

Commercial honey is blended, boiled and reduced to hit a median of what we assume honey should look and taste like, with a general sweetness being the most prominent thing on the tongue. But when it comes to raw, it is not about 'raw-taste' but about origins. Honey is sweet, it is just the beginning.
Praviam Farmstyle curates and sells a range of Raw honey. Check here!

Organic HoneyOrganic Honey is a term used for honey that is naturally produced, and harvested from man-made hive homes for the bees- based on a set of guidelines and rules to meet the needs of the local eco-system.
Honey, in the earlier days was collected from bee-hives in the wild countryside.
Modern science has enabled creating a natural hive and its maintenance in a scientific manner so as to preserve and aid the eco-system. A bee-keepers ecological beekeeping ensures not just justice to the farmer, but also to the bees, the hive, as well as the bee-foraging areas.
Organic does not mean honey that is treated with any additive or blending. The word 'organic' is indicative of scientific harvesting of honey without harm to the bee or to the ecosystem. The process also ensures that the flora in the foraging area is free of pesticides and chemicals.
Praviam Farmstyle curates and sells a range of Organic honey. Check here

Pure HoneyPure honey is a generic term used to qualify Raw or Organic honey. Pure honey affirms that there are no 'additives' or 'aromatic', 'flavoring', 'fruity' or 'syrupy' blends in the honey.
Praviam Farmstyle curates and sells a range of Pure honey. Check here

herbal HoneyHoney, naturally, is believed to have more enzymes, more antioxidants, and the ability to relieve allergies. From time immemorial, humans have recorded the medicinal value of honey to prevent or cure several diseases.
Over the years, science has proved these medicinal benefits and further studies are underway to test the medicinal efficacy of seasonally/florally harvested honey.
Several flowering herbs are known to attract bees. The Honey harvested by the flowering season gives us Herbal or Medicinal Honey.
Tulsi Honey is an auto-immune booster, also helps prevent cold/cough.
Lavender honey has a soothing effect /calming effect on the nervous system.
Raw Saffron (flower) honey is known for aphrodiasiac properties.
The efficacy of the Medicinal/Herbal honey is superior to infused honey where a herb is dipped/infused into any raw honey.
Praviam Farmstyle curates and sells a range of Herbal/Medicinal honey. Check here

Gourmet HoneyGourmet Honey is a range of specially harvested honey by fruit flowering seasons. The flowers of Lychee, berries, and other fruit plants/trees entice bees and such honey collected after the flowering season produces 'fruity honey'. Avacado honey tastes different from other honey but it is good to treat anemia. Lychee honey has a unique flavor and helps fight blood pressure. Rubber honey has a sweet taste (in the year of produce and then as it ages has a bitter tinge), is a good energy booster.
Praviam Farmstyle curates and sells a range of Gourmet honey. Check here.

When Raw or Organic honey is filtered and processed to gain uniform consistency, transparency, taste, aroma, color etc it is called Commercial honey. However, the process of heating, also called pasteurisation destroys not just the bacteria, but some vitamins and minerals as well; the nutrients a commercial honey contains is much less compared to the organic /raw honey. Also, the texture of commercial honey is much consistent, transparent and liquid.
Commercial Honey has several uses in other industries like cosmetics, pharma, food processing, bath-soaps etc. where the nutritive value of Honey may not be necessary.

Raw/Organic honey is best for home and medicinal use.
We do not sell commercial honey.
When any ingredient is soaked in honey it is called Infused honey. For flavour, texture or variety, some honey products are created. When Turmeric is blended into raw honey, a product called 'Turmeric Honey' is created. Sometimes fresh fruits/juices are blended into honey to get 'flavoured honey'. Raw honey does not ever have the aroma or 'actual' taste of the fruit or flower. The properties though may be inherited into the nectar and thus the honey produced. Before you buy any 'gourmet or herbal' honey, ask the vendor if it is natural or flavored or infused.
Raw/Organic honey is best for home and medicinal use.
We do not sell infused honey. We do share some interesting recipes to use honey and make food more nutritious.