Raw & Natural as the bees make it.
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Praviam Farmstyle Raw Honey


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Raw Honey is nectar made and eaten as nutritious food by bees in the hive. The color, taste and even scent can vary widely depending on the source of the flower nectar, region, soil and climate. Warmer temperatures, storage and age also tend to darken the honey and change the flavor. Raw means
  • Honey straight 'as-is' from the hives.
  • Unpasteurized, unheated, unprocessed.
  • Lightly strained honey, simply filtered only to remove capping and wax particles.
  • Just honey, no additives, nothing else added.
  • Unadulterated, no blending with other sweeteners or thinning with corn syrup or sugar.

Raw honey, harvested at peak season and bottled without a lick of heat? That honey is liquid gold.
A unique feature inherent in Raw honey (other than the usual color, aroma, taste) is the After-taste (on the tongue/pallete) and After-effect (mood). Raw honey, like fine wine or perfume has several layers /notes of taste and effect. This feature distinguishes Raw Honey from most of the other marketed honey.

Our other raw & organic honey variants

Some variants of honey are available 'seasonally'. Every variant of honey is raw, hence stocks are limited.
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