Herbal Honey
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Praviam Farmstyle Herbal Honey


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Herbal honey is a variant of raw honey that comes from a single type of flower - monofloral honey
Monofloral honey comes from one single plant nectar. Different monofloral varieties have remarkable and unique properties that make them stand out in their medicinal and therapeutic potential.
In a geography, when certain flowers bloom in abundance, bees can produce monofloral honeys. The honey is collected by season and stored separately for their unique characteristics. Monofloral honey has incredible quick benefits as compared to regular honey as it retains the vitamins and minerals from the flower. of the flower/nectar is dominant in the honey variety produced.
Monofloral honey may not be 100% monofloral, as there could be bees that collect nectar from other flowers too. Yes! The bees cannot be trained to go to a particular type of flower or plant. It is the skill of the beekeeper to choose and place a hive for optimum mono-floral harvest.
The color, flavor, fragrance and even the therapeutic properties of monofloral honeys make them stand out compared to polyfloral honey.
It is important to bear in mind that in monofloral honey no flower essences are added, that is, they do not taste or smell like any specific flower. It is true that honeys may have warm, fresh, very light fruity aromas, or they can even have a slight smell of a specific flower, although this is generally not the case.

Some variants of honey are available 'seasonally'. Every variant of honey is raw, hence stocks are limited.
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