Gourmet Honey
Raw & Natural as the bees make it.
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Praviam Farmstyle Gourmet Honey


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Several fruit plants and trees bearing seasonal fruts usually flower for a few weeks before the fruit season. The honey collected from such trees are harvested during season till a few weeks after season till the flowers become fruits. Such orchards are used by honey farmers to keep their bee-hives to harvest single flower honey. The fruity honey (honey collected from such fruit bearing trees) are seasonal and should be harvested at the right time of flowering phase to get the best quality of honey. The color, viscosity, types of sugars present and flavor depends on the fruit orchard. While every honey variety has common nutritive facts. The presence of special minerals or elements like Sodium, Pottasium, or Zinc add a nutritive value that is additionally beneficial for human body. This becomes more pronounced as the harvesting accuracy of a single nectar source by the beekeeper.
Some features of our Gourmet honey :
  • Gourmet Honey straight 'as-is' from the hives.
  • Single fruit flower (seasonal).
  • Organoleptic characteristics : color, taste, flavor, aroma, after-taste, after-effect.
  • Just honey, no color, no additives, no essences, nothing else added.
  • Unadulterated, no blending with other sweeteners or thinning with corn syrup or sugar.

Please note that, Gourmet honey does not necessarily have taste or smell like any specific fruit/flower. It is true that honeys have warm, fresh, fruity aromas, or they can even have a slight smell of a specific fruit-flower, although this is generally not the case. We are delighted to curate a fine selection of single-varietal honeys that help to showcase the finest fruits of the honeybees’ selfless laboring.

Some variants of honey are available 'seasonally'. Every variant of honey is raw, hence stocks are limited.
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