Golden Oracle Raw Honey 225g

  • ₹475.00

Golden Oracle Raw Honey 225g

Golden Oracle Raw Honey 225g

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  • ₹475.00


Golden Oracle Raw Honey 225g

Our love for nature and passion for honey introduced us to several beekeepers and one of them had a wonderful set of hives right up on the hills in South India. The clean and pristine landscape of around the hills gives the honey a deliciously rich and distinct taste. This polyfloral variant is rich in minerals(vitamins for sure). The raw honey is truly raw. It has never been heated nor for filtered.

The golden color and the geography makes it a perfect fit - Golden Oracle. Over time, this raw honey when stored in ideal conditions becomes thicker and viscous.

This mild-sweet honey is easily palatable and leaves the consumer feel positively good. This honey is unique with an aftertaste that is smooth with silken textures.

About Golden Oracle RAW Honey

  • Floral Source : Polyflora
  • Pollen : Multi-flora
  • Harvest Season : Mid-Summer
  • Unheated (Non-pasteurised) : Yes
  • Free of Pesticides : Yes
  • Free of Antibiotics : Yes
  • Taste : Mild Sweetness
  • Smell : Mild Fruity
  • Colour : Golden Yellow
  • Location : South Central India
  • Recommended Usage : Medical Needs/ Sweetener in Juices & Cold Milk.
  • Suggested for : Constipation, Lethargy, insomnia issues.

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